Petersens Jewellers

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Petersens Jewellers Merivale


Website Design + Build

As one of New Zealand’s oldest jewellery retailers and independently owned by Peter Morrison, Petersens Jewellers Merivale has been selling quality diamond rings, jewellery & watches for over 150 years. This long history has been built up by a family tradition, professional service and attention to detail. It was essential that their new website effortlessly blends simplicity, ease of use and the importance of macro photography to help users make decisions with confidence.

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Website Design + Development

Petersens new website was thoughtfully designed to ensure an inuitive and seamless user experience, with a user-friendly interface and clear navigation to allow the user to find their perfect piece of jewellery. The simplicity of their website design ensures that the focus remains on the jewellery itself with clean lines, elegant typography and a minimalist aesthetic allowing the stunning pieces to take centre stage.

Jewellery Photography

In the jewellery industry, Petersens understand that every detail matters when it comes to showcasing the craftsmanship of their jewellery. Bluempire recommended the use of macro photography to capture the intricate details, textures and brilliance that makes their pieces truly exceptional.

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